A Professional Master of Ceremonies (not to be confused with a Civil Marriage Celebrant) is the secret to any successful function! But you may ask yourself, what is it that a Professional Master of Ceremonies actually does, and why is one so important to your special day?

The role of a professional Master of Ceremonies is akin to that of a television host or presenter. Your Professional Master of Ceremonies is there every step of the way, ensuring that your special day runs smoothly by coordinating the timing and action of your entire event – much like a film director!

Joshua Sherman is a Professional Master of Ceremonies with a difference. He focuses on you as a couple, allowing you to have complete editorial control over the design of the program for your special day. The many tasks of your Professional Master of Ceremonies include (but are not limited to) announcing the Bridal Party and Main Guests, and working together with the event, catering, entertainment, photography and videography teams to ensure that your special day is coordinated and managed in a timely manner, with flair, professionalism and charm.

Many couples often opt to burden a family member, friend or DJ with this enormous and high-responsibility task, often ending with mixed results. By engaging a professional, you can remove this guilt and obligation from your reluctant guest, allowing them to enjoy your special event.

Joshua Sherman is the Professional Master of Ceremonies you have been looking for! His personalised, professional and flexible approach, coupled with his extensive experience in the industry means that the last thing you have to worry about on your special day is “what’s happening next?” and “why aren’t things going to plan!”. His careful and meticulous pre-planning and consultation ensures that this load is removed from your shoulders.

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